Dec 18 2018

Tom Houghton – “The Honourable”

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Tom Houghton – “The Honourable”/Friday 25th January 2019

The 2017 sell-out, critically acclaimed star of BBC, Comedy Central, and Channel 4 presents his second show, reminiscing on growing up and discovering that true honour often lies where you’d least expect.

Tom’s just been made ‘The Honourable’. Not by his own merit (he’s been sacked from Wetherspoons twice) but the traditional aristocratic way, by default.

Basically, his dad, ex-Chief of Defence Staff and current Constable of the Tower of London, was inducted into the House of Lords, making Tom “honourable”, apparently.

As seen on BBC1, BBC3, Channel 4’s “First Dates Hotel” and Comedy Central’s “Roast Battle”.

Doors Open 7.30pm

Tickets £10 available from the Coliseum Centre or online at the Hilarity Bites website.


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