Apr 09 2018

Whitby Civic Society

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Whitby Civic Society/Monday 16th April

Our next talk is being presented by Mike Potter of Pickering Civic Society at 7:15pm on Monday April 16th at the Coliseum. Mike will describe the ‘Slowing the Flow’ flood management project to reduce the frequency of floods in Pickering. It involved working with nature to build a flood storage area, install a large number of leaky woody dams and heather bale dams within streams, two timber bunds, 44 hectares of woodland and other land management procedures. During heavy rainfall over Christmas 2015, the measures reduced the flood peak by 15 – 20%. This cost-effective flood alleviation project was innovative in its concept and a most interesting talk will describe the project in more detail.

Admission is £1 for members and £3 for guests and non-members.

Please note : talk commences at 7.15pm

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