Sep 01 2010

Goldmark Galleries: Selling Exhibition of Picasso Linocuts

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Title: Goldmark Galleries: Selling Exhibition of Picasso Linocuts
Location: Whitby Coliseum



Pablo Picasso linocuts at The Coliseum, Victoria Place, Whitby, YO21 1EZ, Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd October, 10am – 5pm. FREE ENTRY.

Banderilles Picasso Linocut

Picasso Comes to Whitby

A new touring exhibition, which includes 45 outstanding original linocuts after Pablo Picasso, printed in 1962, is sweeping across North Yorkshire and is a rare chance to buy his work.

The show comes to The Coliseum, Victoria Place, Whitby, YO21 1EZ, Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd October, 10am – 5pm and entry to the exhibition is free.

“Pablo Picasso was born in Spain in 1881 and was to become the most famous, versatile, prolific and influential artist of the 20th century,” says Scarborough based exhibition organiser, Marc Goldmark.  “Whilst the ownership of an original painting is, for the majority of us, out of the question, Picasso’s prints are still relatively accessible.”

Faunes et Chevre Picasso Linocut

The works exhibited are typical Picasso, bacchanals, women, bulls and bullfighters, and this stunning collection offers a unique opportunity for viewers in North Yorkshire to see and purchase linocuts by this incredible artist.

With prices starting at just £350, this is an amazing chance to acquire a linocut by the world’s favourite artist.

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The show is sponsored by Goldmark Gallery which has been selling great 20th century art all over the world for over 30 years.  Based not in London but in Uppingham in Rutland you can see more of the work they offer at

Tete de Femme (de profil) Picasso Linocut

More about Picasso and the linocuts:

Between 1958 and 1961 Picasso made many linocuts, a process that he found hugely stimulating. These linocuts were first issued in signed editions of 50 by Galerie Louise Leiris, many of which now sell at between £8,000 and £80,000 each. Picasso invented the ‘reduction’ method, progressively cutting the same linoblock for each new colour, making it impossible to take any further prints from the original plates. In 1962, in collaboration with Picasso and Galerie Louise Leiris, new linoleum plates were made at 42% of the original size, and it was from these that the prints on offer here were made.

Start Date: 2010-10-01
Start Time: 10:00
End Date: 2010-10-02
End Time: 17:00

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